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    captain swan appreciation week:
    ↳ day seven: favorite parallel | 2x06/3x22

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    Damon and Elena & Allie and Noah

    • Parallels

    nina dobrev for nylon magazine // august 2014

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      You get my first dance at my first royal ball, and all you can say is ‘I told you so?’

    Nina at Paris Fashion Week (July 6-9)

    is the elena visiting damon's grave thing like a real promo or...? is it just edited

    I don’t have internet during the week and I saw that on my dash, I don’t know! I think it’s edited but anyone know ??

    edit : shoother said: it’s fake :) it’s from 4.22


    Elena visits Damon’s grave.

    otp meme: [6/7] scenes

    OTP challenge (7/7) scenes

    There was a time when I trusted him more than anyone.

    you’re a lot more like me than you are like him.

    5 favourite songs of season 5 (as voted by my followers)

    4. Do I wanna know - Arctic Monkeys (5x17)

    What do you think love is?

    Inspired by Orange Is The New Black

    Nina Dobrev at Paris Fashion Week (July 6-9, 2014)

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    Stiles and Kira parallels aka Stiles and Kira being adorable dorks spying on people and being awkward dancers [part 1]

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